Welcome to the FAQ Page

When will I receive my order?
-- As of right now all products are made to order. Due to current world events, supplies can be difficult to get in on a regular basis. We are working very hard to get every order complete as soon as possible. Please contact with any questions.
I reached out. When will I hear back from you? 
-- We are still a small business and do our very best to answer customer questions in a timely manner. Most questions will be answered in a 24hr period. If more specific info is required it may take up to 72hrs. 
We never intentionally ignore customer questions so please be patient and feel free to send a second message, if you feel the need to. 
I received my order but I’m not happy or the item is different then I was expecting. Can I get a refund or exchange? What about charge backs?
-- First thing we will do is reach out to you by either a phone call or over email to try and understand what it the issue is with your order.
-- We will gladly give 100% of the previous orders value in exchange for a new item minus the shipping cost.
-- We charge a 25% restocking fee of the orders value for any returned items if you are seeking a full refund of the item. We DO NOT return the shipping cost.
-- There is no refund on custom items. If you are unhappy with a custom item, please e-mail us at hub.city.outdoor2@gmail.com and we will find a solution. 
-- ANY CUSTOMERS WITH A CHARGE BACK HISTORY WILL HAVE THEIR ORDERS CANCELLED AND GIVEN A REFUND, MINUS 2% PROCESSING FEES. We are a small business and strive for customer satisfaction. If you have reached out for a return, please be patient and we will answer within 72hrs. Charge backs take our profits and add fees that will eventually keep us from staying open and we can't take on the risk of it happening a second time. 
Do you provide international shipping?
-- We ship internationally where we are able to via USPS or UPS. Should we encounter difficulties with international shipping with your order we will reach out directly to you and find a solution.