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CISO Rig ( Counter Insurgancy Support Office )

CISO Rig ( Counter Insurgancy Support Office )

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A little known and often misidentified for the venerable Type 56; the CISO rig was made by the CIA to help in Vietnam. says it best

“The Counter Insurgency Support Office (CISO) was established on Okinawa in 1963 to provide specialized logistics aid to Special Forces and SOG during the Vietnam conflict. CISO specialized in the procurement of the peculiar and unusual. And when weird stuff couldn't be found, CISO made it. CISO provided a much needed capability to provide uniforms and equipment to indigenous troops that fought alongside Special Forces that the US military's equipment simply wouldn't fit. CISO also made an emphasis on sterile and untraceable equipment for troops going "across the fence" into Cambodia and Laos. The famous SOG knife, a six inch untraceable bowie knife, was designed by CISO head honcho Ben Baker and manufactured for SOG exclusively. NVA equipment was copied exactly, or purchased on the cheap from Hong Kong, to allow SOG operators to blend in with the enemy. Enemy uniforms, rucksacks, pith helmets, even insignia were copied perfectly down to the last minute detail. CISO also took enemy equipment and improved it for use by SOG teams. The venerable Type 56 chicom chest rig was copied and slightly changed with snap buttons on the magazine pouches, and sized to carry six 30 round magazines for the CAR-15 or M-16 rifle for use by recon men across the fence in the secret war.``

Our CISO Rig features

-6 STANAG compatibility.

-The option for VELCRO or Snap flap closure.

-3 row X 3 Column MOLLE on each wing.

-Heavy Duty Flip sewn construction.

-Reinforced mag cells.

-Full Back face VELCRO.

Pictured is our Tropentarn CISO Rig we made for #DCUDecember in Instagram.

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