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The Remnant Sling

The Remnant Sling

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The Remnant Sling. Born and made from the remnants of he ChiCom rigs we use. Made from 100% to 95% reclaimed components; we turn what would be garbage in to a awesome AK peasant sling. but don’t let that last sentence fool you The Remnant sling can be use on AR pattern rifles as well. Our Remnant Sling functions almost identically to modern slings on the market. A large and easy to find pull tabs allows the end user to quickly and efficiently adjust the sling to the shooters preferred length.

We offer 4 different attachment choices:

The basic and cheapest option is a simple 550 cord loop. easy to replace and adjust as needed.

HK Snap Hooks are the next step up and offer a strong, tried and true attachment option.

We then come to the classic AK Hook. We use new old stock or surplus d-ring spring hooks to give the classic attachment method for AK’s.

Our last and most expensive option is the QD sling swivel. This allows for the most modern way to attach the front of your sling, to the weapon of choice.

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