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Type 85 SMG Updates

Type 85 SMG Updates

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We are giving new life to these tried and true military workhorses. Found in conflict zones all over the world, you truly cannot beat a classic. That doesn’t mean you cant update and modify it. Which we have done.

The Type 85 SMG rig is designed to be used with 9mm carbines and firearms. It has been tested to fit well with : CZ Scorpion mags, Colt pattern stick mags, Uzi Style sticks, HK MP5 mags, and Glock sticks.

BASIC MOD : We remove the old cotton X-back harness and add on our new Cordura 1.5” webbing H-Back harness. We use Nexus hardware, to ensure a long life. The waist strap gets updated to a Cordura 1” strap with buckles on either side. Molle gets put in place of the side pockets to allow greater load-out flexibility.

INTERMEDIATE MOD : Basic Mod + . To give greater retention to the mags we add on a long life 2” elastic band. This allows the end user to tuck the flaps in desired.

TOTAL MOD : Basic Mod & Intermediate Mod + . We really aren’t screwing around with this level. We take off the old school wooden toggles and tiny flaps and replace them with some new school magic. As shown in the pictures, we use a wide 3” Cordura webbing with an additional 1.5” webbing sewn together to create a modern flap design. With Velcro brand fasteners these flap can withstand thousands of cycles. Added to the mag pockets are simple bridges to still allow the elastic to do its job with the flaps tucked.


**Buyer Please Be Aware : We are a small business. It can be difficult for us to have a large stock on hand. Please allow 1-2 weeks before your order ships. If you have any question please contact us at, or (706)-332-6014. **

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